Saturday, October 24, 2009

Patients with Pluck!

From the Yahoo Education dictionary, I found the following definition for the word "pluck"
"Resourceful courage and daring in the face of difficulties; spirit."
And PLUCKY would be the best one-word description for 3 ALS patients, each far too young to have this shitty disease, whom I have come to admire and consider as personal heros.  They have truly taken the lemons life has handed them, added some salt and tequila (the 100% Agave GOOD stuff!) and done shots!  While they are still around to read these words, I offer the following tributes.

Carla Zilbersmith is a singer, actress, mom and a hell of a funny woman!  She lives her life out loud and ALS is just one of the many facets of this extraordinary woman.  Read Carla Muses regularly for a funny, irreverant and emotionally engaging look at her life, which just happens to include ALS.  I often wish that our paths had crossed when Bill was still alive.  I can only imagine their friendship and possible collaboration. heaven!?  Her latest post "A Cripple Danced at a Gay Cowboy Wedding" is not to be missed.

Jason Picetti is young, smart, a self proclaimed nerd/former math teacher and writes the blog Adventures of ALS Boy.  Jason teamed up with Carla and was photographed, wheelchair and all, surrounded by a bevy of very sexy looking young women.  All in the name of raising awarenss for ALS.  "We're Bringing Sexy Back" is his account of the recent photography session.  Jason, like Carla writes from the heart.  "Last Call" is just one of a hundred+ gifts of insight that will allow his baby girl Emma to know the dad that will be taken from her too soon.  His wife Fehmeen is gracious and shares Jason's ability to look at the funnier side of life

Last, but certainly not least is Sarah Ezekial who has made it her life's work to raise ire and eyebrows, as well as awareness for ALS or MND (Motor Neuron Disease) as it is known in the UK.  Sarahville is one of my new favorites for a variety of reasons....but mostly because, like Carla and Jason, Sarah doesn't flinch.  She tells it like it is and isn't afraid to shake up the status quo.  Please take the time to read "MND is..." including the embedded link to "Is my pain really too shocking for television?".  The advert (in America we say commercial, but advert is so much cooler!) "Sarah's Story" is brave, direct and has created a lot of conversation...proving once again that one person can indeed make a difference.

Who are your ALS heros?  Cheers!

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