Friday, February 19, 2010

Rock on Carla Z!

If you've not discovered and/or taken the time to read the blog Carla Muses, you are seriously missing out.  Just my opinion.  Carla Zilbersmith is sassy, smart, and wicked funny.  Oh...and she just happens to have ALS.  I didn't know her bALS (before ALS) - my loss I assure you - but I suspect the disease has only served to sharpen an already razor-sharp perspective on everything...from the world, politics, dating, self care and quite literally, EVERYTHING in between.  She is a gifted writer, gamely sharing her ALS journey in full, out loud, living & breathing, color.  Late to the game, but yes....I am a fan!!

With that in mind, you should not be surprised to hear that she's written an informative and (it wouldn't be Carla's if it wasn't!) irreverant guide to living (with a capital "L") with ALS instead of waiting around to die from it.  While the Vain Girl's Guide to Living with ALS is clearly targeted to women living with the disease, never fear.  With and open heart and an open mind, there is something for everyone.  There are quite a few take-aways for me!!!

Once your laugh muscles are warmed up, the next step is to check out the film "Leave Them Laughing - a Musical Comedy about Dying".  Treat yourself to a full, "Carlaful" experience.