Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Bill turns 49 1/2

In January 2005, in the midst of building a ramp for the house, getting Bill ready for his wheelchair and who even remembers what else, our friend Connie asked, "Bill will be 50 this year, right?"  Indeed, his odometer would turn to 50 in October.  Always up for a party, Connie suggested we start planning!
A couple of weeks passed and it became pretty clear that Bill's ALS was progressing much faster than any of us were prepared for.  I called Connie and suggested that we hold off on the planning.  Based on his didn't look like we'd have a guest of honor for this bash and I didn't want to put anyone through a lot of trouble or heartache.  She said she'd get back to me!

Within a matter of days Connie had decided that waiting was not an option.  She delivered the new plan.  We would we quickly organize and still throw the party to celebrate Bill's 49 1/2 birthday!  I told you....she's a party girl!!  She and her husband Eric organized all of the details.  Bill and I had just 2 assignments.  Put together the favors and show up to enjoy some snacks, cake and the good wishes of friends and family.

Every picture tells a story!  This one tells of an amazing group of friends, who quickly organized before ALS could snatch their friend, to celebrate a milestone birthday - 6 months early!  Bill is smack in the center grinning, and Connie is in the lower right corner, with the bright, beautiful smile in the black, floral dress. I've told them personally, but this tells the world how grateful I am for the friendship I enjoy with Connie and Eric.  I will ALWAYS appreciate their thoughtful, unselfish gesture. 

Oh...and the party favors?  A CD of Bill's favorite songs.  No small task for a 15 year DJ'ing veteran!  Volume I was such a hit, he immediately received requests for Volume II.  But another story!

Here's the playlist...You'll probably scratch your head and determine that my husband's taste in music ran to the extremely eclectic.  And you would be so right!!  Enjoy...and let me know what's playing on your iPod!

  1. Fox Fanfare
  2. Beach Boys - 409
  3. Disney - A Pirates Life
  4. Eagles - Hotel California (w/acoustic intro)
  5. Free - It's All Right
  6. 3 Stooges - Hello (sound clip)
  7. Jump in the Saddle - Curly Shuffle
  8. Los Lobos - Mustang Sally, Slow Your Mustang Down
  9. Michael Franks - Inside You
  10. Star Wars Quote - "I find your lack of faith disturbing" (sound clip)
  11. Ray Charles - America the Beautiful
  12. Santana - Samba Para Ti
  13. Sara Evans - Suds in the Bucket
  14. Animal House Quote - "Fat, Drunk and Stupid is no way to go through life son" (sound clip)
  15. Shelly West - Jose Cuervo
  16. Southern Comfort - Liquored Up, Lacquered Down
  17. Steppenwolf - Born to be Wild
  18. THX Movie Opening Theme
  19. Vivaldi - Concerto in D Minor, Allegro
  20. Toby Keith - Courtesy of the Red, White, and Blue
  21. War - Low Rider (remix)
  22. Tracy Byrd - The Truth About Men
  23. AD/DC - Back in Black
  24. Backdraft Sound Track - Fahrenheit 451
  25. Braveheart Sound Track - Amazing Grace

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