Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tentra Progress Report - Week 1

Last week's post regarding the Tentra as a prescription for daily living has turned out to be a great way to channel my blues!  I'm starting to feel more like "me" again....here are a few of the highlights:

Give people more than they expect and do this willfully. 
Work has been somewhat challenging.  I've made it a point to ask about the "next steps" for each of my tasks.  Most of the time, my colleagues have appreciated the extra effort.  I've appreciated that fact that I at least asked/offered. 
When you say "I love you," say it truthfully. 
I've adapted this slightly to recognize and demonstrate appreciation for people in my life and to be specific about what they mean to me.  I found a set of quotes over the weekend and have posted them to Twitter, recognizing specific Tweeps for what they bring to my life.  It felt really great to recognize someone I've never actually met!
Never mock other's dreams. 
I'm generally pretty good at encouraging the dreams and aspirations of those I love/care about, so I had no thought that this would be challenging for me.  That is until my sister-in-law shared a "vision" that she had about her late husband (Bill's older brother) and then asked me if I thought she was crazy?!  I found myself answering "It's not uncharacteristic, but if you think you did/are doing the right thing, then it only matters what you think and I will defend you to my last breath".  She laughed and said she loved me - and it was a big deal for both of us!
Talk slow, think fast. 
This still needs work!
Bless a person who has just sneezed. 
Saying "Bless you" or "God bless you" is almost reflexive for me.  But this week, paying attention to my intention I noticed the most of the folks in the surrounding cubes (including me) suffer from significant allergies.  We're all convinced it's the circulation - which is good for all the desktops, but not so great for the humans.  We are quite a sympony of sneezing, sniffling and nose blowing, punctuated by a chorus of "Bless you's", no matter who sneezes.  I'm thinking of trying accupuncture as an alternative to Zyrtec and Puffs!
Spend some time alone. 
I am really comfortable on my own and am fortunate to enjoy my own company.  Maybe sometimes too much!  I probably need to re-think this suggestion and consider reaching out a little more.  Just a thought....
Read more books and watch television less. 
This is pretty easy since I don't have cable.  So I don't watch TV unless I'm traveling and staying in a hotel.  And then...I'm a channel surfing, clickker crazed maniac!  I fairly certain I have undiagnosed ADOSD (Attention Deficit Ooooohhh Shiny!!! Disorder), so I tend to read magazine articles.  They suit my short attention span.  It's hard for me to pick up a book and read.  Tech geek that I am, I purchased a Kindle from Amazon and boy is it neat!!!  I'm reading "The Zen of Fundraising: 89 Timeless Ideas to Strengthen and Develop Your Donor Relationships".  Hey....it's a start!
Be gentle with our planet Earth. 
As a youngster, I was very active in a Masonic youth group called Job's Daughters.  One of the promises you make when you join is "I will try to do at least one useful act each day".  Every day this week, I have picked up bits of trash that have been in my path and paid closer attention to my recycling habits.  It really took me back to my childhood and that earnest promise to do or be helpful...every day. It's amazing how much litter there is!!  I've felt like I was picking bits of lint off Mother Nature's beautiful dress.  It's so easy to just pick it up and deposit it into a trash can.  And it truly felt good to do something that only I knew about.
I'm not generally fond of having my photo taken, but my niece shot this when we were in Coronado (San Diego, CA) for a family reunion a few years ago.  I love that she took the photo and that I am this close to the water!  And yes....I am very fond of my bright yellow shawl!
That's it for me this week.  How have you done with this list - let me know!!

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Great picture Kathie, keep writing!