Friday, August 7, 2009


I learned a very valuable lesson earlier this week and I want to thank you for taking me on as a willing student...and teaching me! In the past, I haven't been good about sharing my progress and setbacks in the process of grieving. I'm not too excited by my own company, so I certainly don't want to burden my friends! "The Funk" post was the first time I'd really been honest, even with myself, about how hard it is to grieve.

By reaching out, sharing my experience and asking for feedback, I received a wealth of warmth, personal sharing and encouragement, from places I never expected. Just like when I was a full-time caregiver, I am once again humbled by the lessons ALS has managed to sneak into my consciousness! THANK YOU!

4 months ago today, a young man named Drew Schemera earned his ALS wings and is free from this stupid disease. In his ethereal wake, he left a wonderful BLOG with a comprehensive set of links to ALS related sites. Even better...a fabulous (encouraging, thoughful, uplifting) playlist of 147 songs from all music genres. I'm listening to it as I write. #80, "You Get What you Give" by the New Radicals has become my new anthem! I'm sorry I never had the chance to meet Drew, but I am very grateful to his family for leaving his writings on the web.

Lesson learned: Be honest and reach out. There will always be a hand to clasp yours and a hand out of the funk can come from some unlikely places!

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