Friday, September 4, 2009

Dignity, Self Sufficiency and Safety...PRICELESS!

Earlier this week I posted Why does fundraising for ALS matter...really? I received some feedback that the story got lost in all of the gadget photos. So I decided to separate them. I just adore technology!!!

Dignity, Self Sufficiency and Safety may be priceless, but they DO come at a cost. That's where each and every donor hero comes in! are (or can be!) a Donor Hero. And trust me...that too is priceless! Please understand that ANY donation, no matter the size is put to good use by any number of organizations serving patients and families with ALS, such as Augies Quest, ALSTDI, ALS of Michigan, or the ALS Recovery Fund. Bill and I were blessed to be associated with the ALS Association Greater Bay Area Chapter. But there are many others - use GoodSearch or Google to find an organization near you. BTW, GoodSearch is a great way to donate "passively" to the organization of your choice! 

Here are a few of the zillions of ways your donations and fundraising efforts can help a family living with ALS:

A $25 donation allows a patient DIGNITY and SELF SUFFICIENCY.

Built up utensils, straw holder, scoop plate and a grip cup allow an adult to feed themselves

A Button/zipper pull and a key turner allow independent dressing and access to the home

A $50 donation purchases SAFETY...Bathroom grab bars and a shower chair retain independence and safety around the toilet and shower. A Gait Belt allows a caregiver to safely transfer a patient from bed to chair and back, protecting their back and retaining safe control of the patient.

  • $1 per day Provides speech amplifiers for those whose voices are now too faint to be heard. or Helps a family transport their loved one to a clinic visit. or Offers an hour of a Chapter Care Manager’s expertise.

  • ALSTDI estimates that it takes $100 to fund 1 minute (60 seconds!) of ALS specific research. Remember we still don’t know what causes ALS which means we cannot begin to find a cure for ALS.

  • A $500 donation allows an ALS specialized Regional Care Manager to do their job for 1 week. Every day, our Care Managers assist patients by recommending community resources for financial/emotional support, securing appointments for power wheelchairs, providing recommendations for in-home care, recommending speech devices, reviewing physical therapy techniques, checking in on a patient who lives independently, delivering educational presentations to a wide variety of audiences, coordinating equipment loans/transfers between patients and vendors, and so much more.

  • $1000 supports specialized care at an ALS certified clinic, where patients see a battery of specifically trained medical professionals – Neurologist, nurse, occupational therapist, respiratory therapist, speech pathologist, physical therapist, social worker, augmentative communication specialist, and physical therapist. Consider that these costs are not always covered by insurance!

  • $2000 supports the MDA's Durable Medical Equipment program - specifically the grants for motorized wheelchairs, enhancing mobility and independence

How have you been supported by an ALS organization?  Please give a shout out to the heros that help make each day a tiny bit better. Thank you in advance for your generosity. Together, we can make a difference. But it WILL take all of us. 

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