Monday, May 4, 2009

Advocacy Toolkit

In a previous post, I presented an overview of the tools available on the Public Policy Page of the National ALSA website. This post is designed to make you more familiar with the options on the Elected Officials tab. Practice using the tools by sending a thank you letter to your State Legislators for their work to pass the CA State Income Tax Check-off and ALS Registry bills this year! Just give a brief overview of your story and why the passage of these bills is important to you. Helpful hint: It’s easy to compose a letter in your normal word processing program (i.e. Microsoft WORD) and then use the Copy/Paste function to add the text to the online/web form.

Step by Step

Before you start, you will need your Zip +4 code. Launch your web browser and access the Public Policy Advocacy Action Center using the link:

Click the Elected Officials tab.

Enter your Zip +4 Code in the search criteria boxes. Click the radio button marked STATE and click GO. The system will present a list of the elected officials who represent you.

Click the name link and the system will present an overview of the selected legislator with links to their official web page.
Click the View button located next to the Issues & Legislation section and the system will display a number of options, including a link to tips & protocol when writing to legislators.

Alternatively, you can also use the tools provided by the State of California to locate your local legislator. Click the link:

Enter your zip +4 in the search box and click search. The system will provide a list of your State representatives.

Click the name link to be taken to the official web page for each legislator.

Click the Contact Me link.

Complete the information requested.
Click Submit.

Be informed – subscribe to e-news from your legislator. Learn about town hall meetings, new legislation, community events and more. Visit their website and sign up today.

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